Introducing Grail Project

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June 22, 2022

With great excitement, on behalf of our team and our partners I would like to announce the launch of The Grail Project. Our small team has been at work over the last few months, conceptualizing and building the platform and we are extremely fortunate to be here, to launch an Alpha version of the platform

I want to take this opportunity to speak about the genesis behind this initiative and the core promises of the project. I will give a high level overview of what  we are launching today. If you are part of a DAO or are considering starting one, we would appreciate an opportunity to work with you and help shape up the future. 

Grail is envisioned to be the most versatile and flexible governance and community platform for DAOs, communities and organizations. As we see it and heard from multiple experts who have studied this space deeper, it definitely feels like we are in the very early stages of true digital governance, and it will take several years of iteration before humans learn how to govern together in scalable ways. Grail will provide tools that will allow communities to iterate on their governance frameworks and build rules that work well for their members and citizens

Grail - Core platform promises

Open and Composable

Grail will be an Open platform. Grail’s code base will be fully open sourced in the near future. Grail will adopt all the ethos of an open platform, including inviting and partnering with developers to extend platform capabilities. Core governance framework of Grail will be fully composable, and will provide developers and communities to extend and build myriad kinds of governance strategies


Grail will be fully decentralized. Grail platform architecture will allow for distributed and connected hosting, reducing dependency of your core governance discussions and decisions on any single centralized player. 

Grail will build and roll out scalable on-chain voting infrastructure that can further decentralized governance. The Grail project itself will decentralize its core governance, run by core contributors and the community

Privacy at the heart of it

Grail will keep privacy at the center of the platform. The platform will incorporate different kinds of distributed and private Identity capabilities that will allow humans to use controlled identity expressions to participate in community conversations and governance. Think of this like, letting others know only to the extent you want them to know about you, do it in different ways among different communities, but remain private doing all of that

Grail - Most powerful governance platform

Grail will extend these promises, to build the most flexible framework for token and token-less governance. Communities and DAOs will be able to distribute governance powers to a variety of cohorts, including token holders, citizens, contributors and so on, and do all of that in the most flexible way possible. They will be able to look at data, evolve these strategies, and share what is working with the rest of the world. Overall the project is envisioned to allow every human to participate in governance in truly scalable and private fashion

Grail - Launch

We are launching today in private alpha in close partnership with Polygon, the leader in Layer 2 Solutions. Grail incorporates tight integration with Polygon ID wallet, through which platform users will be able to express identities in controlled fashion, use reputation and identity claims to access community memberships and participate in voting. This is the world’s first ever, zero-knowledge, fully private and sybil resistant voting. We are extremely excited about this launch and appreciate the deep partnership with Polygon. You can read more about the launch in upcoming blog posts

If you are part of a DAO or a community and would like to incorporate or expand your governance strategies, we would appreciate an opportunity to work with you. Please reach us via our website or email